Favorite leisure activity:


A somewhat eclectic mix of watching

(not playing....too old for that) basketball,

test driving hi performance cars (my job)

surfing the web, internet marketing (my other job),

lending aid to fellow human beings IF and when I can,

and... video poker. 

Video Poker Machine.



The last one I try to keep to a minimum because ....

Where's the money goneI live in Vegas.




Favorite TV-Shows:


Hawaii 5-0, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD


Honarable mention....

Re-runs of CSI Miami

and or Star Trek The Next Generation.



Touching the sun

Fantasy, monsters or magic 

will also... "grab"

my attention.

(as long as they're not books....more on that later)


Needless to say my favorite holiday is ...

Candy Corn 2





Favorite books: Or LEAST favorite....

in this case:


The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien

was THE last book I ever read.


And that was waaay back in 1973.




My high school English teacher made me read it.

It was either that or flunk the class.

 An old book


It must of had an adverse effect on me

because ever since that day... I hate to read books.

If I'm going to read anything, it'll be online

and online only. OK...maybe a magazine once in a while.

But only for the pictures.


And even then, if  it's more than "25 pages"

...bored, C~~~ya.
My attention span can be ....


what was I talking about again??



Favorite music:


When I was younger I loved "Heavy Metal" Rocker

Now that I'm more "mature" per se...

I enjoy "Smooth Jazz."

Me by Me

My sudden accumulation of "white hair"

might have something to do with it.


Must point out ....that's NOT me above. 

"Photo used for illustration purposes only"




Favorite drink:


Used to be hard core alcoholic.

Morning, noon, and night.

Not a good chapter in my life I assure you.

But I do miss those "Long Island Iced Teas and Mudslides".



... "water".


LOTS of it.Fire Hydrant




Favorite meal:


Steak.the Big Texan! 1

My meals have to have some sort of meat.

Because I'm "Caveman Dan".


NOT a vegetarian by any stretch.



Did you hear that?

 Oh wait, that's  just my arteries...Concrete Pipes





Favorite country for traveling:


I'm pretty content with THIS country.

Good ol' USA!! (as I stand and salute)Eagle

 Plus....don't wanna piss this guy off.




Favorite quotes:


" Just Do It! " 

                   ~ Nike





 " If you spend too much time thinking about something....

you'll NEVER get it done " 


"Possession of ANYTHING ....begins in the "mind"

                                                   ~ Bruce Lee



Or sometimes just grabbing 

one of these....


Wishful Thinking

Works just as good.