"Rush Hour" in downtown Shoshone, California


Shoshone, California

Population: 31 ...and that's stretching it.


The Chevron station, little saloon cafe, Motel and Post office all within a short stones throw of each other.


A very short stones throw.


Note: Don't ever be low on fuel here...always close to 5 dollars per gallon.

I've seen it almost reach 6 at $5.75

Of course people in Europe pay that much and beyond ...

but we here in  the USA still love to drive our BIG "guzzlers".


Next nearest fuel is 30 miles away...sooo you better have more than 5 bucks on you.



If your wondering WHY I would even think about coming here....

the route for my job runs right through this town.


Add Note: I have to admit, the people here are so nice (at least the 2 or 3 that I've met)

that you forget you're in the middle of "nowhere".


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