HUGE fan of fast high performance cars or in this

case... even motorcycles.

This is "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" indeed.

(That's a ride at Disneyland ...for those who don't know)


I certainly don't condone anything these brainless dummies are doing.Mannequins


ANYBODY could of been killed.


But damn, pulling wheelies at 90 mph? (@4:10, 5:25)

Racing a Lamborghini Gallardo at 140 mph on a semi- crowded freeway? (1:45)


That's got to be one HELL of an adrenaline RUSH!!

Motorcycle - blur focus


Note: Watch when the biker with the helmet cam does his wheelies. (4:40, 6:00, and almost eats it @8:50)

You can also follow his speed near the bottom of the screen.

Streetartis from "la rambla"